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(Mallorie, a young, black woman, appears on screen wearing a striped shirt, music begins to play softly in the background.)

"I had to do something. I knew it was going to be the hardest thing in the world I had to do.

(Video of Mallorie sitting on her bed with her children plays over Mallorie's narration)

"It was going to be the biggest fight of my life. I ended up coming to Safe Haven. And so, I had hope. There's no reason why it can't just go up - just keep going up."

(Brief fade to black)

(A white man in his 50's wearing a blue shirt and vest appears on screen smiling)

"I'm John Jeanetta. I'm President & CEO of Heartland Family Service.

(Video of Mallorie eating dinner with her children plays over John's narration)

"When life improves for one of us, life improves for all of us.

"So please give generously to Heartland Family Service and to our many, many programs that make a life-saving difference."

(graphic appears on screen with information on how to donate)
(Music fades, video fades to black)