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"My journey four years ago started off with no self-control, crying, bawling, and getting mad. But over that time I have been able to fix that, work on that. I have learned many things about myself, about the world around me and about being able to interact with the world in an appropriate way.

Then the second time I can back - because I've been here two times - I was also in a dark place. I didn't have support. I didn't have what I needed. But when I came back to DCH, I got all that I needed - all I need to thrive and even more. I have been accepted to a college, Community College of Denver (CCD). The program that I was accepted to in CCD is fabrication welding. I went through quite a hassle trying to figure out how to change it from basic welding to fabrication welding. It took about two months and with enough connections and lots of talking, I finally was able to get my dream classes in college." -- Charlie, 2020 DCH Graduate