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[video of a woman talking to the camera, speaking in french - captioned with English subtitles]
Hello everyone! My name is Michelle Gonto Kouame, and I am a midwife with a national degree in nursing science and obstetrics, working at the General Hospital of Dabou. During this period my wish, my battle, is that all women continue to have access to family planning care, they continue to receive the contraceptive method of their choice, and they continue to receive information that enables them to have fulfilled sexual and reproductive lives. So, every day, I am there with my smile, like this [smiles at the camera] to provide information to women and their partners. Additionally, I am a vlogger and I have a digital platform called Case Maternelle on Facebook. Using that platform, and with EngenderHealth, for several months we have sensitized, informed, and educated women so they can understand that they have the choice, that they can decide what to do with their bodies, and whether to have children. And we present information on all the available family planning methods. Bye bye!
[EngenderHealth logo appears, tagline: for a better life]