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Contact Care Line, Inc.
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If you knew you could save a life, just by listening, would you?
Lindsey McElvy, Deputy Executive Director
Each day, an average of three Tennesseans are lost to suicide.
More than 40 % of adults 65 and older are considered to be lonely and socially isolated.
When you need someone to listen, no matter what’s troubling you, you can count on Contact Care Line right here in East Tennessee.
We use only a few paid stuff combined with a large network of volunteers to answer crisis calls and chats made from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
Bruce Marshall, Executive Director
Contact also provides daily phone calls to our community elders. The Reassurance program aids in combating social isolation and loneliness in our elders.
With continuous trainings, our volunteers are set to offer understanding and empathy, and sometimes that’s all that people need.
We are the only crisis line of its kind in the 865 area code.
Our vision? Building a world where everyone has someone who listens.
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