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My dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to share with you good news. We have in Rome a home for Filipino priests called the Pontificio Collegio Filippino. It is a place where we priests sent by our bishops and our local churches try to embrace the ministry of academic studies for service in the church so most of the students here are involved in the ministry of scientific reflection on the faith and being a home it is open to you our brothers and sisters from the Philippines and many many other people who find the Filipino culture and the Filipino faith as source of inspiration. this institution, this building has been in existence for the past fifty years and so we are asking you to love this place and to support it first through your prayers and secondly through any help financial, material help that you could extend so that we can upgrade our facilities and provide a better home for the students and for our guests Sa inyo pong lahat maraming salamat mahalin po natin ang ating Collegio Filippino sa Roma. (Thank you very much to all of you! Let's love our Collegio Filippino in Rome.)