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CDCFC_30302 Video Transcript

Slide 1: Title Page
CDCFC #30302 + logo picture attached

Slide 2: Welcome
We are the 7th Councilmanic District Constituent Fund Committee, Inc. (CDCFC), a nonprofit organization in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our mission is to address quality of life issues and improve the general welfare of families.

Slide 3: Members
Picture attached

Slide 4: Emergency Assistance
CDCFC, collaborating with other local community organizations and the District 7 County Councilmember’s Office, aids residents threatened with eviction and utility interruption.

Slide 5: Aiding Our Homeless
CDCFC provides monthly meals to the residents of the Promise Place (youth shelter) and Prince George’s House (men’s shelter). We regularly donate clothing and toiletries to meet their recurring need. Picture attached

Slide 6: Senior Thanksgiving Dinner
Annually for 38 years and counting, CDCFC has sponsored a FREE Thanksgiving Dinner for our local senior citizen’s. We delight in serving and entertaining our Seniors, who look forward to returning, year after year. We recently welcomed as co-sponsor, the men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Hyattsville /Landover Alumni Chapter and their Junior League, expanding the catering to and celebrating of our Seniors.

Slide 7: Senior Thanksgiving Dinner
Pictures attached

Slide 8: Senior Thanksgiving Dinner
Pictures attached

Slide 9: Local Schools
CDCFC has adopted several local elementary, middle and high schools. We furnish these schools biannually with school supplies, new school uniforms, as well as, new shoes for those students in need.

Slide 10: Outreach
CDCFC participates in many outreach efforts, i.e., donating care packages to residents of Forestville Rehabilitation Center, delivering bag lunch to homeless individuals living on the street, donating cell phones to local women’s shelters and over 500 pair of eyeglasses to a local Lions Club.

Slide 11: Thank You
CDCFC would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to watch our presentation. Any and every gift you make will greatly impact the Community. We appreciate your CFC contribution to CDCFC #30302.

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