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CATF — Driving Impact
Video Transcript
Nov 29, 2022


Armond Cohen, Founder and President, CATF 00:00
We think the challenge is so huge that we need to consider every tool inside the toolbox or outside of the toolbox.

Armond Cohen 00:06
Now, we already have part of the solution with renewables like solar and wind power. But this is the biggest bet we're ever going to make on our planet. So do we want to put all our chips on just a couple of options? We think that's too risky a bet. So we're not afraid to examine all options with an open mind.

Armond Cohen 00:23
For example, CATF took a deep dive on nuclear energy about a decade ago and realized there are designs that could be safer and less expensive.

Armond Cohen 00:31
We're also realistic about fossil fuels, they're gonna be around for a long time. So we work a lot on technologies to remove carbon from fossil fuels. We were alone there for a while. But now many of the leading scientists and organizations who work on this problem are coming to some of the same conclusions we did a decade ago.

Armond Cohen 00:47
And importantly, we think about how these solutions are going to work at a global level, especially in the developing world where most of the carbon emissions are going to come from during this century.