Camp Summit - 60 second CFC Video

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Camp Summit Inc.

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White screen with Combined Federal Campaign Logo, Camp Summit Logo and #51546
Black screen with the following white text: Camp Summit is a barrier-free camp for children and adults with special needs. Donations allow us to keep our programming adaptable and accessible for our campers, as well as, provide financial assistance to the almost 90% of our campers that request and receive it. Thank you!
Drone footage of outdoor amphitheater, inside and outside of cabins, people walking out of dinning hall, people dancing *all in quick succession*
Camp Summit Logo
Girl dancing, boy in a SpongeBob costume shooting a bow, people playing in the pool, people doing arts and crafts, boys playing basketball, camper hugging a councilor *all in quick succession*
“Cause I live in Florida, everybody tells me that Disney World is the happiest place on earth. But it’s not. Like for me it is definitely Camp Summit” Girl 1 in blue shirt standing in front of a wall covered in hand prints
Footage of campers ziplining
“The activities. I love arts and craft” Girl 2 in blue shirt. Sitting on a picnic bench with trees behind her
Footage of campers doing arts and crafts
“It’s always the campers that I become close with that I love to see them smile” Girl 3 in a blue shirt also sitting on a picnic bench in front of some trees
“This is a once in a lifetime experience” Girl 4 in a blue shirt sitting on the same picnic bench
“Just hearing their laughter, the big grin on their face; it’s just heartwarming” Boy 1 in blue shirt with the woods behind him
Footage of ziplining
White screen with Combined Federal Campaign Logo, Camp Summit Logo and #51546