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The Brigade of Mercy

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Hi everyone! I am Ambreen Rizvi, Founder and President of The Brigade of Mercy. Our Mission is to provide charitable relief to people suffering from poverty, war, and other calamities. Our Vision is to alleviate the burden of poverty by changing one life at a time. BOM serves people of all races, nationalities, religions, and gender.

Why should you choose BOM as a charity of your choice? We are all volunteers. 100% of the donations go towards aid. Our model is simple: we provide goods or items to the organizations we work with.

We work domestically and internationally. Domestically, we support homeless shelters, schools with low income children, food bank, local counties and hospitals. Internationally, we support underserved orphanages and schools in Sierra Leone, Indonesia, India, and Haiti. In times of disaster, we help refugees such as in Syria and Lebanon, most recently.

Thank you so much for listening and please support us!