Bernadette's House Helps Girls to Believe, Blossom, and Soar!

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This video contains several interviews with individuals associated with the Bernadette’s House nonprofit. This includes Ms. Carol Nash, who is the Founder and CEO of Bernadette’s House, Ms. Kimberly Qualls, who is a parent with a daughter in the Program, Ms. Leilani Qualls, who is a past participant in the BH Mentorship and After-School Program, and Ms. Alicia McAfee, who serves as a Mentor in the BH program.
While Ms. Nash speaks, the video shows the front of the Bernadette’s House home site and then an internal view of the meeting space on the first floor. The camera then pans up the stairs of the facility to show the viewer the BH lounge, where program participants can do homework, read and relax.
Ms. Carol Nash, BH Founder & CEO: Bernadette’s House is a place where girls can come fee safe, nurtured. What we do is we help them develop their dreams. How does one become a mentor?
Scene shifts to show Ms. Nash in an interview setting on a sofa at the facility
Ms. Carol Nash, BH Founder & CEO: Usually, it’s someone who has a passion for children.
Camera shows an art project done by one of the girls, a heart with drawings and the text “Jesus loves me”. Camera then shows a mentor talking and laughing with one of the program participants.
Ms. Carol Nash, BH Founder & CEO: So the mentor comes along, not to replace the parent, but just to be a part of the child’s life. The parents are so connected and so involved
Camera shows BH parent speaking with Ms. Nash in her office and being interviewed on a sofa at the facility.
Ms. Kimberly Qualls, BH Parent: It’s great to have somebody else have your child to build a relationship with. Some things that she may not be comfortable discussing with me, she can always talk to her mentor.
Camera shows BH teen participant being interviewed on a sofa at the facility, then shifts to an outdoor shot of the BH teen with her mentor talking
Ms. Leilani Qualls, BH Participant/Mentee: People in here, they are here to help you and make you a better you, and everybody is going to help out everybody.
The camera then comes back to both the participant and mentor being interviewed on a sofa at the facility, followed by video of them walking together and talking outside near a church.
Ms. Alicia McAfee, BH Mentor: I see her as a part of my family, and we do fun things together, just like I would with my nieces or anybody else in my family.
Video returns to interview with BH parent on a sofa at the facility
Ms. Kimberly Qualls, BH Parent: Seeing her flourishing, getting involved in different workshops, all thanks to Ms. Carol (laughs) and her vision.