Autism Society of Florida Is Making a Difference

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Autism Society of Florida, Inc

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You're scrolling and scanning and digging around, but what is it that you're actually looking for?
Is it resources? Because we've got those on a user-friendly website at
Parent support?
Check out Across the Spectrum, an online group that's hip and focused on what concerns families most today.
How about training by some of the most seasoned authors and innovative autism thinkers?
You'll find those on the live streaming REACH program.
Every post out there seems to be telling us what we can't do or what's wrong with our world.
When it comes to making a difference, the Autism Society of Florida is doing it!
Whether it's training first responders about how to protect those on the spectrum,
advocating at our state capital for laws that lead towards a higher quality of life,
providing hurricane kits to families in need,
or teaching water safety instructors about how to teach kids how to stay alive in the water.
If you're looking to make a difference, join us for the journey and help impact the lives of those with autism across the state of Florida.