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Army Medical Department Museum Foundation

CFC Charity Number: 90295

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The Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Museum Foundation’s logo is a wheel laid flat and pierced with a winged sword as two snakes wrap around the sword facing each other. The CFC Charity number for the AMEDD Museum Foundation is 90295. The website address is

The video pans through the museum’s galleries showing artifacts of historical significance such as uniforms, medical evacuation vehicles, artwork, and medical training devices, as well as photos of persons of interest whose stories are highlighted at the museum for their significant contributions to Army medical history. Images also show visitors to the galleries and companies of Army soldiers at the AMEDD Museum for training days as they receive instruction and tour the galleries. Additionally, images of special events with military personnel dressed in period uniforms from history at the museum are included.

Transcript from video:

When you think of medical history, you might think of leeches, bleeding, and the four humors. Yikes! Thankfully, the AMEDD Museum educates students and the public on why knowing the history of medicine is critical to guiding the future of medicine.

To put it simply, Army medicine is the message of humanity in war.

Last year, the AMEDD Museum Foundation supported the training of over 16,200 soldiers, as well as hundreds more local San Antonio area students with an interest in STEM programs, art programs, and more.

Army medicine touches everyday life, from emergency aircraft evacuation after a car accident to burn-wound treatment. These have roots in Army medicine and the lessons learned from treating traumatic injuries.

Donations to the AMEDD Museum Foundation support ongoing initiatives to incorporate technology to better engage a modern audience, conserve and preserve historically significant artifacts, and to improve accessibility within the museum for all visitors.

Thank you for your support!

Closing image shows the AMEDD Museum Foundation crest, and the words, “Thank you for your support!"
Army Medical Department Museum Foundation
CFC Charity Code: 90295