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Serving Veterans NOW CFC #76616 "SheForce" group photo of women veterans AllenForce veteran designed t-shirt. Vertical word "VETERAN" and "surVivor" "rEsolute" "trusTworthy" "rEsiliant" "braveRy" "couRage" spelled out from it "providing education on veteran culture" Founder speaking in a college classroom "You are not alone" stars of the American flag "Camaraderie across branches and families" axe throwing program group photo AllenForce "Adapt, Improvise and Overcome in 2020" virtual programming photo "yoga on line"... "and in the park" "Staying active" group in stretching outside "and staying in touch" "Accessible programming for ALL" photo of Purple Heart Ribbon "Accessibility with VETANKs" and "borrow me" sign on arm rest of all terrain wheelchair "Bringing Community together" "in service" photo making signs in the park wearing masks, thanking veterans "Generations enjoy!" Vietnam veteran and grandson fishing with AllenForce, injured female veteran in VETANK and husband fishing with AllenForce volunteer "Therapeutic Battle Buddies" dogs wearing AllenForce shirts smiling at camera and kissing veteran wearing an arm sling Veteran Crisis Line bag, magnets, gun lock, resources "PGA Golf Collaboration for Injured Veterans" photo of female veteran and golf pro "Healthy Cooking Collaborations" Hines VA dietician on Zoom teaching in kitchen "Outdoor Movie night" at VFW parking lot with all veterans and families in evening with large screen "Are you ALL IN for VETERANS of ALL ERAS?" "AllenForce CFC #76616" shown over AllenForce challenge coin