Alaska's 2020 Youth of the Year

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska

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My name is Denzel Henderson, Alaska’s 2020 Youth of the Year. I was going through a really tough time. I hit a wall. My parents divorced of my freshman year of high school. Now, my friends noticed that I appeared lost, so invited me to the Boys & Girls Club to play some basketball. From there, I took leadership roles around the clubhouse. I surrounded myself with leaders, joined the Keystone program, and became the Keystone President. Now whenever I come to the Boys & Girls Club, I feel welcome. As soon as I walk through those doors, I felt like it was a family. I felt like it was somewhere I belong. So, this year I became the Youth of the Year for the state of Alaska. My whole journey was pretty hard. Coming from Muldoon, a poverty-stricken area, we were able to overcome like we always do. With being Youth of the year, I was able to build connections and I was able to plant my foot in what success is. I am a walking testament to success and I want to be there and encourage other kids to do the same thing. Thank you.