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Operation Underground Railroad

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Dialogue: We’re so happy to be able to share that we are getting ready to do new operations and go into additional countries, and that aftercare is being established.

Title: Jessica Mass | Director of Aftercare

Before we do operations, we try to find established aftercare homes that we are able to work with. And so we’ve met with several different NGOs that have safe homes, education, mental health therapy and vocational training and job placement.

So those are some of the things that we do before any operations happen, so that the children have somewhere to go when they’re rescued.

We’re so grateful for the support that you have given, and for everything that you continue to do, but most of all I’m so grateful for your heart. You guys love these children. You love these girls and boys that are being rescued and freed from human trafficking.

Without you, we really wouldn’t be able to do it. Thank you so much.

End Title: O.U.R. Operation Underground Railroad | @ourrescue |

Video Summary:
The video begins with a view of a city located near mountains. A woman in a denim jacket talks to the camera. There is a street with motorcycles and cars passing by. A person walking down a dirt road in a village. A little boy draws in the sand. There is a classroom full of young adults watching the woman and a man speaking. Three women pose for a picture in front of a new white van. A woman shows a young girl a piece of paper and they read together. The woman holds up decorated picture frames with photos of young women and their babies. Two hands move fabric through a sewing machine. Two hands move paint over a silk screen template and a T-shirt. A dryer is moved over the T-shirt. The woman talks to the camera. A group of children are playing on a soccer field. The woman talks to the camera. The smiling woman holds a baby while a man behind her is waving and smiling. Boys are playing basketball, the ball goes in the hoop and one boy jumps up with his arms in the air. A group of small children dance and sing with two men. The woman talks to the camera.