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The video contains audio from Howard Brown Health's CEO David Ernesto Munar and former board chair Duke Alden. They discuss how the organization has evolved from a volunteer run organizations focusing on STI screening among gay men to now a full service health organization that provides care for those that are LGBTQ, their families and allies. The video contains clips of David Ernesto Munar and Duke Alden speaking interspersed with images from the clinics.

David Ernesto Munar: Howard Brown began as a volunteer-run organization addressing STIs among gay men, it blossomed into a full service health delivery system in the 80s and 90s and was on the front line of the fight against AIDS.

Duke Alden: We built our primary care with a particular focus on those affected with HIV and AIDS and we've never taken a step back from the forefront of being a leader in the LGBT health community more generally.

David Ernesto Munar: Our mission at Howard Brown is to ensure
that every LGBTQ person in Metro Chicago has access to a healthcare provider that is accepting and knowledgeable about the healthcare needs our patients face. We see the quest for equality intertwine with good health.

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