25 Years of HCP

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Himalayan Cataract Project

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[music playing]
[Still image: Women with blue-green eye patches stand together outside a building.]
Narrator: The Himalayan Cataract Project was founded on innovation.
[Still image: A man examines a person’s eye with a light while a large group of people, many in lab coats, look on.]
Narrator: 25 years ago, our founders imagined the world where no one is needlessly blind.
[Still image: woman stands smiling with a hand over one eye. Man stands behind her, smiling.]
Narrator: Globally, 36 million people are blind.
[Still image: Man uses medical device to examine woman’s eye.]
[Still image: Young girl in bright yellow hijab looks at camera with foggy eyes.]
[Still image: Young boy covers an eye with one hand and holds up a hand to match hand in the foreground. He holds up 5 fingers while the foreground hand holds up two.]
Narrator: Over half by cataracts alone, a condition that can be cured with a 10-minute surgery.
[Still image: Medical workers treat patients with equipment.]
Narrator: Thanks to your kindness, HCP and our partners have reached nearly 1
million people…
[Still image: People smiling and clapping.]
Narrator: ...with sight restoring surgeries.
[Still image: several dozen people in brightly colored clothes wear tape covering one eye.]
Narrator: We have trained thousands of doctors and nurses.
[Still images: Medical workers smiling and treating patients.]
So they may provide eye care to underserved and remote communities.
[Still image: Two older women stand on dirt path as many people look on and a younger woman braces the oldest. They have patches over both eyes.]
Narrator: We have built infrastructure in low resource countries to support sustainable eye care in the future.
[Still image: Young boy lies in a bed, looks at camera with white eye-patch.]
Narrator: Through natural disasters, political turmoil, a global pandemic...
[Still image: Man smiles as another man examines his eyes with a handheld light.]
Narrator: ...our shared vision for a world free of
needless blindness endures.
[Man in blue sweater stands among many people in white robes, all with patches over an eye.]
[Still image: Older man in a hat smiles at the camera.]
With you, we have transformed the lives of thousands.
[Still images: Large groups of people smiling, some being examined by medical workers with handheld lights.]
Narrator: Together, we approach the next 25 years with the same spirit, innovation, compassion, and hope.