2022 United Way Campaign

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United Way of Central Oklahoma

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[Piano Music Plays]

United Way of Central Oklahoma's "Life is a Gift" logo is shown.

Narrative voice: "No act of kindness is too small, and to some, it can mean everything. It's in your power; your act of generosity, to prove life is truly a gift, and not a possession to hide away."

Trisha, OG&E Employee and Calm Waters client spokesperson: "You never know how many other lives that your life will impact. Just one single decision may change so many other people's lives around you."

Andrea, Pivot's client spokesperson: "You know, you could be at your absolute worst and rock bottom, but you just keep pushing forward. You know you've got a good support system and you have people that actually care about you and love you. You can do it."

Terri, CEO of Mental Health Association Oklahoma: "We're moving towards self sufficiency. Those are the kinds of things we're talking about when we talk about the gift of life."

UnitedWayOKC.org website address is shown.

"Please Give Hope." is shown.

Narrative voice: "See those those stories at UnitedWayOKC.org right now, and consider a gift to the United Way of Central Oklahoma to help our Partner Agencies assist thousands of children, adults, and families as they journey through grief, poverty, homelessness, and so many struggles. Visit UnitedWayOKC.org, now."