10 Years of Ryan House

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Ryan House staff and volunteers speak and images of kids at Ryan house shown.

Mary Phipps, Volunteer: When I talk about Ryan House to people a lot of them, their first impression is “oh I couldn’t do that” Its sad and it is the most unsad place on the planet.
Tracy Leonard Warner, Executive Director: There are wheelchair races down the hallway, there are shenanigans like pinatas being hung from the light fixtures, there are dance parties at the nurses’ station. It really is a place where people are living life.
Nancy Dominguez, Early Staff Member: We have a house filled with children who need some assistance and they come, and they go, as their parents need that break in their care. But the memories we are able to create not just for the children but for the community that impacts them is incredible.
Mary Phipps: It is the gold standard for how to take care of children in the United States. People come from all over because kids don’t just belong in hospitals.
Holly Cottor, Co-Founder: And that is Ryan House, ten years of Ryan House.