Transportation Strategies Ease Park Access For All

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Many people in New York City do not realize how close they are to national parks. NPCA is hoping to change that, while also improving visitor access to them. Manhattan alone is home to 10 national park sites, all accessible by public transit. NPCA is working to connect people without cars to these and other area parklands through marketing, outreach events and web-based mapping tools. Increasing the use of public transportation for everyone also can reduce our carbon footprint and incrementally help tackle the climate crisis. Just 25 miles from midtown Manhattan is Gateway National Recreation Area and its Jamaica Bay unit, which includes Canarsie Pier, Floyd Bennett Field, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and other sites. Though one of the New York City’s most visited units, Jamaica Bay remained largely inaccessible to locals who depend on public transit. “That was the transit equity piece we wanted to resolve,” says Lauren Cosgrove, NPCA Northeast Program Manager. Working closely with the Jamaica Bay Greenway Coalition, NPCA’s 2017 report, “Transportation and Access Improvements for the Jamaica Bay Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area,” offered 23 recommendations to private groups and city, state and federal agencies to rethink transportation to the park by boat, bus and bicycle. Since the report’s release, key partners, including the National Park Service, have completed approximately 11 of the recommendations.

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