The success journey of a single black mother

In Loving Service for Saving Our Boys 2 B Men

Lisa Norwood, a single mother of three sons believes education of life really begins at home. It is the parent’s primary responsibility to the social, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical, and positive values for the development of their boys to be successful men whether single or together.

Lisa had no family in Georgia and her sons desired and needed positive male role models in their life. She was juggling life with sons, school, work, social activities, sports, family, friends, household chores, and financial stability which became be overwhelming at times. Her ex-husband was in their son's lives but had another family and not always around or supportive as needed. Eventually, with time, they became a blended family.

Lisa started searching for an organization that would provide educational support for mothers on rearing boys and mentoring for her sons. Being employed as a supervisor in juvenile court she was aware of numerous programs for boys already in the system but nothing to prevent them from becoming a first-time offender.

After witnessing an extensively high volume of males being raised by females alone in the juvenile system, and after extensive research was conducted it became apparent that there was an overwhelming need for a support organization throughout the Atlanta area.

After many prayers, she kept getting the same answer to start a nonprofit which she was afraid because she did not know how to start the process. It took over a year to be obedient to her calling. In 1999, she stepped out on faith regardless of lack of support from family and friends and planted Mothers Raising Sons seeds. Then in 2000, she resigned from her management position and birthed Mothers Raising Sons, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Mothers Raising Sons mission is to establish the needs, educate the minds, empower life skills, and enthuse purposes. To provide the children with the foundation, structure, and independence needed to achieve their potential of becoming productive and successful adults for their family and community and females to live on purposes.

MRS Motto: A mother cannot be a father nor a positive male role model to her son(s), but she does a good job in playing the roles!

After Lisa’s sons became adults and on the right paths, she wanted to stop MRS and channel her energy towards something else in life. But after a few years of searching, her heart could not leave the need of females raising boys to be men. After prayers and requests, she is reigniting the fire to continue the path of saving our boys to be men and empowering females to reach their goals.

In 2015, it was placed on Lisa and Thad (her son) spirits to launch online virtual services, now due to COVID-19 it is here – Educated Royalty Tutoring & Homework Assistance and Separate Support Group for Mothers & Sons Virtual E-Mentoring and In Person.
 An online virtual service for Science, Math, Art Language, Reading, Technology (S.M.A.R.T.). To provide quality and effective academic assistance to students/learners by using creative and innovative teaching or tutoring methods.
Targeting - Students K-12, College and Adult Learners
 An online classroom group with dialog between age-appropriate males and mentors on life subjects from A-Z. In a separate classroom, mothers are having a dialog of their issues and concerns. MRS E-Mentoring – “To Cause a Change”.

MRS other Services are:
1. Community Service hours as appointed by court/school.
2. One-on-One Parenting Classes
3. Events: Family, friends, mentor, and mentee bonding
4. Workshops & Conferences
5. LIFE Coaching for mothers and sons – Launch Date TBA 2021

MRS exists to SERVE the village of single mothers’ household to develop successful boys to be responsible men for themselves, family, and community, and the mothers to stay on purpose.

1. Keeping boys out of the juvenile system.
2. Graduate from high school.
3. Continue education beyond high school.
4. To be the BEST Man they can be.
5. Decrease child abuse and neglect.
6. Empowers mothers to be on an intentional purposeful path(s).

Lisa Norwood received the 2019 GA Women’s Legislative Caucus Servant Leadership, Yellow Rose, for Mothers Raising Sons achievements.

March 26, 2019 was Mothers Raising Sons Day at GA State Capitol and received House Bill #428 for outstanding contributions to the state.

Lisa’s son all graduated from high school and higher educational institutions; became illustrious positive role models of their communities. They also never were incarcerated or had a criminal record.

Charity Name
Mothers Raising Sons
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Mothers Raising Sons Recognized at GA State Capitol HB#428
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Conrad Norwood