A Story as Sweet as Honey

Honey and her heroes

Honey came to Operation Kindness in heartbreaking condition. She was covered in wounds, from her head to her tail, with even more scars from years of abuse covering her belly. Whatever attacked her before she came to us nearly took her legs from her.
Honey spent two months in our hospital, where our staff tended to every cut and scrape and our veterinarian performed life-saving surgery on her. The entire staff embraced Honey from day one and gave showed her what love feels like. Despite the life she had led, from the moment Honey came to us she never stopped wagging her tail. Even though she could put no weight on her arms, she would try to pull herself up to greet everyone who stopped by.
She quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. Her love is infectious, and her sweet spirit brightened every day. In February 2019, her new family adopted her and now she only knows love and kindness.

Charity Name
Operation Kindness
Photo Caption
Honey and Her Heroes
Photo Credit
Kelsey Keys