The Story of Omar and How He Overcame His Unimaginable Health Situation

UOSSM Helps Omar Alshahaby

In the past 10 years, Syrian civilians have had to endure unbearable pain as they suffered relentlessly from bombings, airstrikes, and sieges. Their neighborhoods and homes were reduced to rubble. Their sense of security was robbed from them as hospitals, medical facilities, doctors, and medical staff were targeted. Syrian civilians were killed, maimed, detained, tortured, and wounded, as the world turned a blind eye to the atrocities against them. They experienced unimaginable fear, hunger, and insecurity for years. Hundreds of thousands were killed, millions were displaced, and millions continue to suffer mentally and physically from the brutal war. It is estimated that half of the displaced, living in dire conditions, without access to the basic necessities of life, are children.
Omar is one such child of countless children whose lives were uprooted by crimes against humanity…
In the summer of 2019, Omar was outside playing ball with his friends. A warplane dropped a bomb in his neighborhood. There was an explosion, Omar was severely injured. He was transported by ambulance to a hospital in Turkey, where he remained in critical condition in intensive care for 4 months. His doctors did everything they could to save his legs. But unfortunately, it was just not enough. Omar had to have both legs amputated…
Since the day of the attack, Omar’s life changed forever. Omar became very sad. He just wanted to have a normal childhood. He wanted to play, run, and jump with his friends, but could no longer do any of that. Sometimes he would ask his grandfather to take him to the park, but after just a few minutes it would become unbearable for him, he would start crying and ask his grandfather to take him back home.
Omar’s family decided to take Omar to UOSSM’s Physiotherapy Center in Turkey to see if he could get prosthetic limbs and return to some sort of normalcy. They began the treatment plan with physical therapy sessions to strengthen his back, hips, and upper thighs. After 3 months, Omar was ready for his prosthetic legs!
Omar entered a new stage in his treatment. He needed to learn to balance himself and stand on his own. He began practicing balancing himself and walking with a walker. After only 2 weeks he learned how to use the walker and walk on his own! Omar was determined and worked so hard. Now, Omar can have a somewhat normal childhood. Omar can smile again, and most importantly, he can play like a normal child.
Our supporters enable us to help children like Omar every single day with our quality medical services. Together we are saving lives and building hope.

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UOSSM Helps Omar Alshahaby
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