Rescued at Ten Years Old


We rescued Bigby from the county shelter on March 18th. At ten years of age, we knew the odds were against him, so we immediately jumped in to help. This senior boy did not belong in an overcrowded open admission shelter. After multiple vet visits, we discovered Bigby had a huge mass on his liver and we had to operate to make sure it was not a malignant mass that could affect his quality of life.

On May 13th, Bigby went to the vet for surgery and after 80 minutes, the veterinarian removed a 4.10 lb mass from his liver. We are happy to announce that the mass was benign, making him the perfect candidate for adoption.

After waiting months at our rescue, Bigby was adopted by a wonderful family that loves and cares for him every day!

Charity Name
PAWS4you Rescue
Photo Caption
Bigby at PAWS4you
Photo Credit
Bill Lollis