Rachel Beard's Ovarian Cancer Story

Rachel Rescues AND Fights

Our mission is to support women, just like federal employee, (and one tough cookie!) Rachel Beard, who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This past year, before we were CFC members, we were able to provide over $15,000 in financial assistance directly to Rachel while she was out of work due to chemotherapy and other treatments, which were administered in her hometown of Huntsville, AL and at MD Anderson in Texas. This was not Rachel’s first fight with the big C; several years ago, she fought and won against Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. We are so proud to be a part of her second victory story, as she has now completed chemo and is currently managing her ovarian cancer with a positive attitude that should be the envy of any healthy person, much less one that is in a fight for their health. Our organization’s assistance allowed Rachel and her family to focus solely on battling cancer by temporarily alleviating much of the financial burden that accompanies everyone’s day-to-day lives, and we hope to be able to provide this kind of assistance on an even bigger scale now that we have been welcomed into the CFC family.

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Quatina M. Wolaver Foundation of Hope
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USG employee, Rachel Beard, continues her passion of rescuing dogs while fighting ovarian cancer.
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Rachel Beard