This is OUR Story


This was a year of historic challenges, met with a historic response.
An unprecedented health crisis was quickly followed by an economic crisis, requiring this Food Bank to be flexible and innovative. And you stepped up, often without being asked, to help your neighbors in need.
Like Georgiana. When we met this single mother of two at a food pantry in June, she'd just returned to work at a retail store when it reopened after being closed for months. Georgiana was thankful because if it weren’t for Food Bank supporters, “We would be hungry,” she said bluntly.
Approaching the day with grace isn't an easy feat when you carry the weight of responsibility for your family, but Georgiana exuded strength as she walked to the bus stop carrying bags filled with chicken, ham, eggs, milk, cheese, bread, and vegetables.
We’re so glad you are standing alongside us. You make a difference for Georgiana and thousands of families like hers. With your support, they can count on nutritious food to be there when they need it.

Charity Name
Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
Photo Credit
Pat Jarrett