Oahu SPCA: Every Healthy, Treatable Animal Will Find a Forever Home

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The Oahu SPCA was founded in April of 2009 and launched its mission, “Every healthy, treatable animal will find a forever home". The overwhelming support of community members was instrumental in helping to establish the first animal shelter in the state of Hawaii with a "no-kill philosophy". We are dedicated to humanely reducing the number of homeless animals and we were the first to provide the low cost or no cost sterilization and veterinary services available to the public. Our goal is to provide Sterilization and Wellness Clinic services to as many animals and families as possible to eliminate animal overpopulation and abandonment due to the high costs of veterinary services. Approximately 37% of our clients are low-income or homeless. Some pet owners, who can no longer care for their animals, abandon them at our shelter or on the streets. The animals are left to fend for themselves or they are euthanized because of the owner’s inability to pay for their health care.
The number of homeless animals in Hawaii rose every year for more than 100 years to approximately 44,000 per year in Oahu alone. Sadly, only a small percentage were rehomed. The population began decreasing steadily every year since the Oahu SPCA was established in 2009 and has currently been reduced by approximately 60% to just over 15,000 per year. This is attributed to our dynamic outreach and sterilization programs. Sterilization saves lives. Euthanasia is not only costly to the State of Hawaii, but it has been proven ineffective.
Our dynamic sterilization program not only supports our mission by humanely reducing the number of homeless animals, it also ensures that our organization is sustainable. The more companion animals that we sterilize and bring into our wellness program, the more revenue we generate and ultimately the more lives we are able to rescue and rehabilitate. We are currently sterilizing 90 to 100 per week or 360 to 400 each month. At this pace we will sterilize approximately 4560 companion animals in 2020. Oahu SPCA sterilized approximately 2,874 dogs and cats in 2019. Proceeds of these clinics provide the funding to ensure the success of our mission and no kill philosophy and provide the revenue to provide all necessary surgeries including sterilization for our rescued animals.

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Oahu SPCA employee with a clinic patient.
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