No Longer an Orphan


Othniel was given up to an orphanage in India shortly after he was born. He is blind and has a severe case of cerebral palsy, conditions that need special attention that he did not receive at the orphanage.

For two years, Othniel lay alone on his back in a crib, surviving on only bottles of milk. He missed multiple developmental milestones because the orphanage could not provide him the specialized care he needed. At three years old, Othniel could not speak, stand or walk, and eat solid food.

Thankfully, Othniel’s life drastically changed the day a local family adopted him.

Othniel blossomed after leaving the orphanage and receiving care from his new family. While he still had severe intellectual disabilities, he began to speak, calling his father Appa (Dad) and the women of the house DeeDee (sister). He learned to eat solid foods and developed proper sleeping habits.

There is no doubt that Othniel’s best chance of survival is with family, not alone in an orphanage. He will continue to progress developmentally and physically under the individualized attention of a mother and father.

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A Family for Every Orphan
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Othniel after adoption
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