Mobilizing the Caring Power of our Community

Huntington Family Center

United Way of Central New York operates with the goal of mobilizing the caring power of our community. We do this by creating relationships with local businesses and individuals to raise funds, and then use those funds and our extensive knowledge of community need to support local non-profits through funding and administrative support. In our most recent cycle, we have funded 87 programs at 33 agencies. These programs were chosen based on their relevance to community need, and their abilities to be uniquely successful in advancing access to education, health, and getting basic needs met for our community. Since the start of COVID-19, the services many of these programs provide have been more integral than ever. One such program is the Emergency Services program through Huntington Family Centers. Throughout the pandemic, Emergency Services has been continuously providing the community with food, sanitation supplies, hygiene supplies and diapers, without interruption. The incredible management team and staff at Huntington Family Centers were able to quickly adapt and implement a “no contact” pantry service process, which offered pre-order and walk-in options.

The Emergency Services Program at Huntington is just one of the many incredible and necessary services in our community supported by United Way of Central New York. With donations, we are able to continue to engage in rigorous review of agencies and programs the ensures that donor dollars are not only going to agencies with a propensity to manage those dollars effectively, but also that those dollars are going toward the most dire needs in our area.

Many clients at Huntington Family Centers have expressed how vital these services have been during this challenging time. Job instability is only going to continue to increase as a concern in the Central New York region, rendering these services more essential than ever.

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United Way of Central New York
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Dedicated Staff at HFC work through the pandemic to ensure that local families have enough to eat
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Huntington Family Center