Levi's Story

Levi Before & After

In July, Levi was found next to his deceased father who had been hit by a car. It was evident Levi had been horribly neglected, he was starving and covered in ticks.

In addition to his illness, Levi showed every sign of being feral. Although our shelter is a place of refuge and healing, Levi needed more. After medical treatment, Levi was transferred into a foster home.

Jessica, Levi’s foster mom, has worked wonders with this big, scared, sick boy. Jessica’s family has shown Levi what being loved is all about. He’s great friends with Jessica’s pups and is now acting like a healthy, normal puppy. We are thankful we found Levi in time to turn his life around.

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Partners for Pets Humane Society
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Levi Before & After Rescue
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Mady O'Reilly