Larissa's Story

Larissa's Story

At Roadrunner Food Bank, our mission is to feed every hungry person today, to seed partnerships that build self-sufficiency for tomorrow, and to lead to achieve our vision of permanently ending hunger in New Mexico.

In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic has been an incredible challenge to the food bank. Not only because food continues to be needed in our state but needed at levels we have not seen – perhaps ever. There is the added challenge of learning how to distribute food safely to keep our staff and volunteers safe.

As we’ve actively responded to the pandemic, we’ve taken the opportunity to listen to the stories of those impacted – those who have found themselves facing food insecurity because of the coronavirus. One particular family really stood out to our staff.

Larissa is a single mom of two children. She has a bachelor’s degree in social work. Her life has been hard – as a single mom going to school, she had to rely on her son. “He’s been amazing. He’s been able to help me with his younger sister. I didn’t have to worry about childcare or how I was going to get to work.” During this time in her life, she got comfortable with community resources – like Roadrunner Food Bank.

Those resources are what allowed to her realize her dream of becoming a social worker.

Now, Larissa is working as a social worker. Before the pandemic, she was working full time. The devastation of coronavirus suddenly cut her hours in half. She isn’t able to have face-to-face interactions with her clients. The money in her paycheck isn’t enough.

For the first time in a long time, Larissa has had to ask herself, “What do I do? Make my car payment or buy food?” Again, she and her family were able to rely on the community in Albuquerque and Roadrunner Food Bank to put food on the table.

Roadrunner Food Bank hosts no-contact, drive-thru mobile food pantries throughout the state to ensure that food insecure families have access to healthy, nutritious food like meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and non-perishable food items during these unprecedented times. With tears in her eyes, Larissa said, “I’m so grateful for Roadrunner Food Bank. We’ve been able to go to the food pantries a few times to help us keep food on the table during these times.”

The food bank continues to host these safe, no-contact, drive-thru mobile food pantries in communities as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As we listen to our clients tell us what brought them to our food lines, stories like Larissa’s are extremely common and have been since the pandemic and the economic fallout began.

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