From Incarceration to Independence

Meet Jonathon

Jonathon was first introduced to Goodwill Hawaii in 2018 while an inmate at Waiawa Correctional Facility. He was serving a 10-year prison sentence for burglary. At the time, he was in the work furlough program and Goodwill helped him to get a job at Dave & Busters but he ended up relapsing and went back to prison. He was given another chance to be released in September 2019, at which
point he was connected to Goodwill employment counselor Ana from the CRED program. Together, they talked about his personal and professional goals. Ana helped him to polish his resume and prepare for interviews.

Finding a job wasn’t easy he said, but Ana was there for him every step of the way, providing encouragement, keeping him focused and holding him accountable. He eventually was able to secure work at Best Buy as a seasonal retail employee and Foodland – and is now working at Tucker & Bevvy after moving into his own place earlier this year in Waikiki. During the statewide shutdown in March due to COVID-19, his hours were reduced and was struggling to pay his bills. Ana helped him to file his taxes as well as apply for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, which gave him enough to catch up on his bills. He says that Goodwill has been a huge source of support.
Jonathon continues to be in touch with the CRED team, as they work together to chart a path to reach his long-term goal of being
able to help others like himself. For more of Jonathon's story, watch this video:

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Goodwill Hawaii
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At work, Jonathon prepares meals in the kitchen at Tucker & Bevvy
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