How Mwaba’s goat-raising enterprise transformed her family’s lives

Prudence and her Cousin Emmy in Zambia

Emmy is a 13-year old, precocious girl leading her class at school in Zambia. While she is polite and well mannered, her English and third place standing in class are achievements worth bragging about. Not long ago, she and her cousin Prudence were struggling to keep up at school due to crippling hunger. Ever since her nutrition at home improved, Emmy has been excelling in school.

Emmy and her cousin, Prudence, are being raised by their great-grandmother Audrey Mwaba. Their father passed away from tuberculosis contracted in the course of his work in copper mines. Audrey Mwaba is a joyful great-grandmother, even though she has buried seven of her 13 children in her lifetime. At 69, she is still raising children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren like Emmy and Prudence. Mwaba is a small-scale farmer and has always struggled to provide the basics. But Emmy and Prudence are eating well and thriving now thanks to Mwaba's new goat-raising enterprise.

After Heifer International, a Global Impact charity partner, gave them four female and one male goat, things improved quickly, says Mwaba. “For me it was a privilege because I knew these goats would help me with my grandchildren,” she says. The five goats have turned into 13. Everyone is eating well and business is thriving. Mwaba has used the money to replace their thatched roof with iron sheets, enroll her granddaughter Rose in secondary school secondary school, and, of course, provide food for the whole family.

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Heifer International
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The Copperbelt Rural Livelihood Enhancement Support Project Luanshya Town, Katuba Farming Block, Copperbelt Province. Prudence Kaumbo, 13, (right) and her cousin Emmy Nswana, 13, work in their school books as they sit outside their home.
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Olivier Asselin/Heifer International