HMES 2019 Earth Day -- A Successful Day of Celebrating, Volunteering, and Learning!

Before and After of the Learning Production Garden at Hollin Meadows Elementary School

On April 27, 2019, Hollin Meadows Elementary School (HMES) and the Hollin Meadows Partnership for Outdoor Education hosted HM students and alumni, their families, and members of the community for the school’s first Earth Day celebration since embarking on a major renovation project in 2016. During construction, HMES’ gardens, enjoyed by students and community members alike, were forced to go fallow, so the 2019 Earth Day celebration was especially poignant, marking not just the end of construction but also the beginning of a new chapter in the school’s Outdoor Education Program.

HMES’ annual Earth Day celebration has always been an opportunity for community service, and the 2019 celebration was no exception. Volunteers mobilized around several key projects: building a sensory path that leads to a bamboo tepee and painting a mural in the Outdoor Classroom; and laying mulch and completing the new compost system in the Learning Production Garden. Over the course of the day, all projects were completed! Clearly, the gardens of HMES are still a source of community pride.

HMES’ gardens are also a source of great fun and present unique learning opportunities for all. The 2019 Earth Day celebration included several exhibits and activities—one on worm composting, where students explained the vital role that red worms play in breaking down household waste; another focused on bat habitats and led students on a scavenger hunt in search of five bat houses located on the HMES campus. And as part of the student-led seedling sale, curious consumers quizzed students about their inventory and asked for planting tips. Students contextualized the sale by explaining how they planted the seedlings and nurtured their maturation over the previous weeks.

HMES 2019 Earth Day may have been three years in the making, but it was clear to all who participated that the passion and focus that initiated the school’s gardens and Outdoor Education Program so long ago remain present and stronger than ever.

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Hollin Meadows Partnership for Outdoor Education
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The top picture shows the 7,000 sq. ft. courtyard right after the school's renovation project completed. The bottom photo shows how HMES and the Hollin Meadows Partnership for Outdoor Education transformed the courtyard into a garden for students.
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Hollin Meadows Partnership for Outdoor Education