Helping students like Dillon achieve their goals!

Dillon and his mother

Dillon just completed his 9th grade year at Cornerstone. While he has been a beloved member of the Cornerstone family since
Kindergarten, by his own admission he has never been a very dedicated student. Then, when he came back to start high school, it was as if a switch had been flipped. He started coming to after-school tutoring every day and completing his homework assignments. As he liked to point out to his
teachers, he was “grinding.”
When asked about this change, Dillon talks about all his Cornerstone teachers who have encouraged him over the years and how their words have started to sink in. He told us, “I used to get annoyed with teachers coming to me about trouble
that was happening in the class, but they bothered me because they knew I could do better.”
In addition to his teachers, he points to the community of hard working students around him. He told us, “In the tutoring room, you’re surrounding yourself with positive stuff. If you keep doing that every day then you’re going to get used to it.” His mother has also seen the impact of other students on his academic
achievement. She says, “He is competitive and because he now surrounds himself with friends that have the same goals as he does, it makes him more of a leader.”
After starting out this year on academic probation, he got on the A/B honor roll by the first quarter! As Dillon talks
about making the honor roll, the idea of feeling like a man comes up a lot. He explained, “It makes me feel like a man because I’m not acting like a little kid anymore. I’m not following anybody, I’m becoming a leader in my class.” According to Dillon’s mom, “There are certain things
[Dillon] would like to achieve in life and examples around him that made him improve both in maturity of his personality and his education.”
We are so grateful to everyone who has supported Cornerstone to make it a place where perseverance pays off and students become leaders. Everything from the salaries for the teachers who never gave up on Dillon to the copies of novels he and
his classmates discuss in his Humanities class are provided through the generosity of donors.

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Help students like Dillon achieve their goals!
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