Helping Refugees Return Home

Safe Steps in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, our mine clearance is helping refugees to return home.

Karuppaijah Ginanasekaram was heavily pregnant with her second child when the Sri Lankan conflict arrived at their door in the village of Skandapuram. Fearing for their lives, Karuppaijah and her young family abandoned their home and grocery store, taking only what they could carry in their hands. Because of the conflict, around 300,000 Sri Lankans were displaced from their homes – each with a different story of trials and survival.

Even though the conflict ended in 2009, families could not return to their villages as thousands of landmines had been laid by the retreating troops.

HALO has removed over 35,500 landmines and explosives in Sri Lanka – clearing over 55 acres of land from the village of Skandapuram alone. This allowed the Ginanasekaram family to finally return home, where they have rebuilt their house and opened a small general store to support their family.

Over the past 30 years, HALO has worked in countries around the globe from Afghanistan to Syria to Sri Lanka, clearing landmines and explosives—making land safe so that refugee families can return home, children can walk to school safely, and communities can rebuild after war and conflict ends. With your support, we can continue to save lives and transform communities.

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The HALO Trust
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Girls safely walk to school on a path HALO cleared of landmines
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The HALO Trust