Gracie's Cinderella Story

Gracie before and after

This heartwarming story was written by Gracie’s mom, Tracie Hunt. It is because of the unwavering support of Tracie and donors like you that hundreds of dogs and cats are saved each year and find loving homes.

"I met Red Ryder (now Gracie) at a Bark in the Park event in April of 2016. I immediately fell in love and went back for a meet and greet the next day with Liam, my other dog. They hit it off from the first moment they were together, so I adopted her and she became part of our family that very day. She was approximately 3 months old when she came to HSMC from the county shelter. She had been placed on medical hold for another 3 months due to extreme hair loss and malnutrition. It was very apparent she had never been in a home, had toys to play with, or a bed to sleep in. I will never forget that first night when she curled up next to me in bed, let out the biggest sigh, then fell fast asleep as if she knew she was safe and home.
Now she spends her days sleeping, playing with her big brother, or cuddling. She has all the toys, treats, and love that her big heart could ever want. Despite what she had endured as a puppy, Gracie is the sweetest, most loveable dog I have ever owned. She will never know that type of pain or neglect again."

The Humane Society of Manatee County needs your help to continue saving dogs like Gracie. We have a state of the art veterinary clinic that provides medical care to the abused and neglected animals that enter our shelter, along with performing 6,000 spay/neuter surgeries annually and offering low-cost veterinary care to the public, regardless of income or residency.

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Humane Society of Manatee County
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Gracie is beautiful now after a very rough start
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Tracie Hunt