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Promise Place, located in Capitol Heights, MD, is an emergency youth shelter that houses up to 20 individuals, ages 12 - 24, who have been abandoned, neglected, or find themselves in dangerous situations at home or on the streets.

Operated in partnership with the Prince George's County Department of Social Services, the shelter provides a safe place and counseling services with the intent to reunite families or transition residents into a stable and safe environment. Housed in the basement of Shepherd’s Cove (women’s and children’s emergency shelter), the cause recognition Promise Place receives, pales in comparison. With limited governmental funding, Promise Place relies heavily on what’s left over from Shepherd’s Cove, including meals.

For the last few years, the CDCFC has been working with Promise Place providing hot meals, winter coats, hygiene products, school uniforms, supplies, and Christmas gifts. "We really enjoy helping these young people. They are so grateful and appreciative of everything we do," says Community & Youth Committee Co-Chair, Melanie Dawn Murdock-Paige. "When they see me pulling up, everyone is so excited. I never have to carry anything; they are always right there to help."

The CDCFC is committed to doing whatever it takes to help provide the youth a semblance of normalcy, as much as possible. Every major holiday we’re proud to supply a feast to make them feel that much closer to home. The Covid-19 pandemic only proved to triple our efforts, in keeping these young adults fed.

Recently, Murdock-Paige agreed to even volunteer her services as a Realtor to help several Promise Place residents who work and are in need of transitioning into affordable housing. "It has been a challenge for the facility's Director [Robert Bell], to find realtors willing to work pro bono, explains Murdock-Paige. So, I'll be helping as much as I can through the end of the year." If you or anyone you know has information about apartments or homes available for rent, or if you are willing to volunteer your services as a Realtor, please contact CDCFC at [email protected].

Promise Place is one organization worthy of having the entire village in their corner and the CDCFC will absolutely continue to do our part. We are the Seventh Councilmanic District Constituent Fund Committee, Inc. (CDCFC, Inc.), CFC #30302. Promise Place is just one area/cause we strive to aid in our community. Thank you for helping us lend another a helping hand.

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