In the age of COVID-19, the Federation prevails through three landmark programs

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Tribal Partnerships
To help restore wild buffalo, which were nearly exterminated a century ago, the National Wildlife Federation Tribal Partnerships Program has been working in close partnership to bring buffalo home to tribal lands. Standing with tribal governments over two decades, more than 350 bison have been restored to tribal lands in recent years, ensuring tribal connections to bison for generations to come. Bringing bison back revitalizes landscapes, habitat, and wildlife diversity, while re-establishing Native Americans’ cultural and historic connections to buffalo. To help realize a vision of restoring tens of thousands of bison on millions of acres of tribal lands, the National Wildlife Federation will continue pushing for legislation like the bipartisan Indian Buffalo Management Act.

Community Habitat
Across America, people are purposefully planting for wildlife, making a conservation difference at home and advancing the wildlife gardening movement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife program is more popular than ever, with a record number of people establishing Certified Wildlife Habitat® — including the 250,000th registration at the national headquarters of The Links and the establishment of more than 8,000 acres of open space through a partnership with Taylor Morrison, the country’s fifth-largest homebuilding company.

Mayors Monarch Pledge
By engaging large institutions, cities and universities, the National Wildlife Federation is leveraging its conservation muscle far beyond backyards. More than 500 cities across North America have signed the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge to create native habitat in public parks, city landscaping, roadsides, and open spaces – in Texas alone, more than 100 mayors have stepped up, reflecting critical commitments in a key region for monarch survival. And throughout nearly 300 campuses in 43 states, millions of students participated in the 2020 RecycleMania competition, helping to recycle, donate and compost more than 48.6 million pounds of waste.

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Bison roam freely once more because of the Tribal Bison Partnership made possible because of you and members that care for wildlife.
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